Multi-functional Finds

By: Karla Kristine Nelson

When times are tight, who doesn’t love to find a way to squeeze as many uses out of the same item to save some cents? Real Simple regularly suggests brilliant “New Uses for Old Things,” which provide ideas on how to make one-functional items instantaneously multi-functional. Here are two of my most recent favorites, in the case that you have extra wine corks laying around.


Haven’t we all gotten frustrated over that anticipated fire that just won’t ignite a flame? Especially if we’re tossing a lit match into a pit, hoping it lands just right! Well, if you store wine corks in a sealed jar with rubbing alcohol, they will be wet & ready to light the fire. Just strategically toss a few in, while being extra careful where you store this stash.

It’s always a bit stressful when we break out that sewing kit…the random pins & needles that get lost before we get started…put us on pins & needles, as we fearfully await the moment one of our little ones finds one of these singled out pointy pieces, with their precious little foot! From now on, stick your sewing stuff into a wine cork to avoid all the strays!


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