By: Karla Kristine Nelson

If you live in the Twin Cities and have turned on your TV or radio in the last month, the chances you’ve heard about Cavalia, the art show of animals & actors, are pretty good. In fact, I’d be wondering where you’ve been hiding if this event has happened upon your ears.

Either way, I got to experience this surreal show last week, and without a doubt, I’d recommend you do the same very soon. In fact, I’m pretty positive that the show sells out most nights and even added an additional week to this leg of its tour. Now, onto the details of the actual event…

…I have to be honest, I’m not head over heels when it comes to horses. I like them, I think they’re beautiful, but nothing about them makes my knees weak. So, I was thinking that I’d be intrigued by anything artsy about the show, but probably not particularly inspired by the four-legged animals themselves. I was wrong. These horses appeared to be humans. Their intelligence, grace and elegance was stunning. And the actors, same story. Personally, the entire show was very touching, entertaining and breathtaking.

I laughed. I gave out shrieks of surprise. I sighed in awe. All in all, if you like art, theatre or entertainment, I’d suggest making your way to this moving event as soon as possible.


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